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In 2017 we were selling some of our ex hire gear on facebook.. and it went viral! People lost their bananas!  We realised very quickly that lots of people sell second hand event gear all the time - but very rarely are there large quantities of great quality kit available - meaning other organisations could secure good quality stock at great prices.

Our sister hire company Buddha Group buys great quality kit in massive quantities so gets excellent prices when buying new, they only keep equipment on hire for between 6 & 12 months - meaning that kit needs to be sold off regularly to make way for the new stuff! 

The hire gear is often purchased well in advance - so we even find we are selling "ex-hire" kit that's never actually been hired out - as new gear has landed - madness really but great for you guys!

All the gear is ex-stock from Buddha Group or now and again we have batches of b-stock gear to shift from our suppliers - but we never sell other companies gear / we don't buy stocks in.

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